Customer Personality

Understanding customer personality to improve your restaurant business

One of the most important factors that hold your restaurant business together is the quality of the customer experience you provide. A strong restaurant is not just the one with the best chefs; it is the one that creates a positive experience every time the customer walks into your restaurant. There are many components, including customer personality that influence the purchasing and behaviour of your customers.

customer personality

Here are four things that you need to keep on point in order to provide a positive experience for each of your customers every time they visit your restaurant.


customer service

The minute your customers walk in through your restaurant’s doors, they will pay close attention to the service. The friendliness of the staff, how quickly the food is prepared and the quality of the amenities your restaurant offers are the things they notice. Customers like to feel important and welcomed the minute they enter your restaurant. Your welcoming staff at the front desk is the best way to establish a friendly touch point with your customers from the very beginning.


No matter how cheap or expensive your restaurant is, customers expect quality and value from you. Even before they leave the house, customers calculate the value of their outing, and they calculate the value after the outing is over as well. They assess whether the drinks, food, service and pretty much the whole experience measures up to how much they spent on them. This ‘value test’ is what helps them determine whether they will visit your restaurant again or not. In order to keep them coming back, you need to provide the highest of quality, regardless of the cost.


These days, a big part of customer service is building relationships with your customers, and the best way to do that is through personalization. Customers always notice the little things – whether it is the waiter who remembers their food preferences without them having to say anything or the owner who recognizes them and provides a starter on the house. And if it’s a customer who is a regular to your restaurant, it is especially important that you try to learn all that you can about them.


You can also extend your personalization into your marketing and other forms of communication as well. Never send out bulk emails; rather, segment your emails based on the customers’ behaviour, preferences and customer personality. When your emails are directly relevant to them, you will have a better success rate with your email campaigns.


Like every other business, your restaurant will also appeal to a particular set of customers more than the rest. Some places cater to the young college crowd and the single people, while other restaurants are more equipped for the people who seek a fine dining experience. Before you start your business, pick a demographic that you want to serve and design your restaurant and experience around them and their interests. In order to make sure you are keeping up with the changing needs of your customers, get their feedbacks once in a while. Understand what type of items and offers they would like to see at your restaurant and tweak your experience when it is necessary.

Understanding customer personality and providing a fantastic customer experience is the cornerstone to raising your restaurant business to further heights and increasing customer loyalty. If you want to build a strong brand, make sure you take these four things into account.

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