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SmartD customer feedback module helps identify store level changes in food preparation


Hotel Prasan Sandeepha, Madipakkam, is located along the side of one of the major roads in the area. They are known to serve the best and pure vegetarian food in the vicinity and have gathered many customers with their unique and delicious taste. They have been in the F&B industry for more than 32 years, since 1982. FICCI Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2010, Patricia Narayanan is the director of Sandeepha Chain of Restaurants. She began 30 years ago and built this restaurant empire from scratch. Their customer base mostly consists of the people in the surrounding areas and passer-bys. Since its inception, the restaurant has used multiple traditional and new age billing system, which is mostly used to print bills and collect money from customers. The system, regardless of its size and price, wasn’t very helpful in running the restaurant business.



Praveen, Ms. Patricia’s son, has been running Hotel Prasan Sandeepha for many years and has developed it into a chain, with more than fifteen branches in Chennai alone. As he is running a chain of restaurants, he has very little control over the day to day operations at his restaurants. When he wishes to understand his customers, he has to go to a third party platform to view their feedbacks. Even then, he doesn’t get the feedback in real-time. So, dissatisfied customers will leave without receiving the proper attention and care because of the delay in knowledge transfer.


(MD of Prasan Hotels and Hospitality Services)

This will only develop a negative feeling from the customer for the restaurant, and he may even decide against ever coming back. Praveen believed that the only way to rectify this was if he had real-time access to the customers’ feedback. He wanted to address all issues as and when they happened.

How SmartD helped

With the increasing competition in the food industry, they have to bring about their A-game in order to keep their regular customers and attract new ones.

In order to understand their customers, Praveen needed a means of communication that can be established with the customers directly, instead of having a third party involved. This requirement was met when Hotel Prasan Sandeepha started using SmartD Restaurant Management System. They opted for our Elite Package, which had all the features their large restaurant chain needed and more.


With SmartD, they were able to collect customers’ information such as the number of visits, ordered items, total revenue, etc. and use it in order to personalize their promotions as per the customers’ preferences.

SmartD also provides a platform where customers can leave their feedbacks regarding the food and services of the restaurant. These feedbacks are available for the restaurant owner in real-time, making it easy for Praveen to respond appropriately to his customers.

On one such occasion, he received multiple complaints from customers that his food was too spicy. As multiple customers felt that way, he began to investigate the various aspects of his restaurant. He checked the cook and his method, the ingredients used, the store it is brought from and more.


By the end, he figured out that the excess spiciness was due to a change in the brand of the chili powder that his restaurant used. Since the existing vendor had closed, they had moved on to a different, which was a lot spicier than their old one. As a result, the same amount of powder induced a stronger chili taste.

Upon using SmartD System, Praveen said, “It is amazing how we were able to find out so soon what the problem was. Since I got the customer feedbacks in real-time, I was able to go through my kitchen operations and figure out that the change in the brand of sambhar powder used was the problem. And, I was able to fix the spice issue before the next meal. I have seen no other system work so efficiently.”

Improved Scenario

SmartD’s feedback module encourages customers to leave feedback to the restaurant owners and improves customer engagement and loyalty. Because Praveen got the feedback from his customers in real-time, he was able to rectify the situation faster and more efficiently.

Now, Praveen is able to engage with his customers directly. Should any issue arise, he is able to attend to it quickly. He can even call up his customers to thank them for their business and humanize his restaurant brand.

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