Lose Weight with these 8 Chennai Breakfast Dishes

All of us, at some point of time, have decided to lose weight. What triggers that decision? That slight flab around your waist, which was kind of cute before, now turns into this ugly monster that protrudes from your t-shirt and you start seeing Jabba in your mirror. The fat around your waist is the most easy to gain and the most hard to lose.

You don’t need fancy breakfast ideas to lose the inches around your waist. These simple to cook Chennai breakfast dishes will do the job credibly.



The combination of idli and sambhar is the most nutritious Indian breakfast. Although an idli contains only 54 calories, the rice and urad dal in it provides plenty of proteins and vitamins. 3 idlies with sambhar and a filter coffee is the best breakfast to tackle a long day.



This traditional South Indian breakfast is a crowd favourite and is packed with healthy carbs. Containing a mere 50 calories, a dosa still provides ample amount of proteins and keeps you adequately full till your lunch time.

Moong Daal Chilla


If you are planning to cut carbs from your diet, moong daal chilla can prove to be a safe option. It only contains 100 calories and is easy to make in very little time. It is also highly recommended by dietitians for weight loss.



Upma can be a perfectly healthy choice for breakfast, if cooked with minimal oil. It is made from semolina which is naturally fat-free, making it the best option for breakfast in your weight loss plan. One bowl of upma only comes up to 180 calories.

Masala Omelette


Who doesn’t like eggs? Kick-start your day with egg whites in your breakfast. Two slices of brown bread with a side of a fluffy masala omelette will keep you full for a few hours. Even using the egg yolk will only give you 225 calories in total.

Godumai Rava (Dalia)


Godumai rava is an excellent source of fibre and carbohydrates. You can cook it to make a soup or a khichdi for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. One plate of it would only amount to 241 calories and it never goes to your waistline.



A plate of khichdi is a good dish to keep a check on your waistline. It’s not just a low calorie breakfast; it also helps reduce acidity and gastrointestinal problems. This comfort food only brings 250 calories in a full bowl.

Avil (Poha)


Apart from being a healthy breakfast option, avil also makes an excellent lunch for toddlers and working people. A big bowl of delicious avil contains only 270 calories. avil is gluten-free and it also known to prevent iron deficiency.

Forget salads and fruit diets and take up the Indian Style of dieting. It is as effective as any other diet, but this comes with food that is absolutely delicious to eat.

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