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Most expensive meals in India

We all love to indulge our senses with luxurious things; be it property, experience or cuisines. When it comes to enjoying the high-end things, the affluent don’t hesitate to shell out a few extra bucks. Here are 10 expensive meals in India that are costly enough to chase your hunger away.

Chef’s Studio by Taj, Mumbai – 1.5 lakh for a meal for two

chef's studio

It does not get more gourmet or glam like this! You can create a specialized menu by mixing and matching different cuisines from the Taj Hotel Restaurants. The Chef serves up an eight course meal with wine and champagne, giving you any cuisine you want. You have complete transparency to the kitchen, so that you can watch your food being prepared. The mastermind behind this wonderful experience is Chef Hemant Oberoi.

Rajbhog, Bangalore – ₹1,011 for a gold plated dosa

gold dosa

Rajbhog has so many different varieties of dosa, but their gold dosa is one of their biggest sellers. It is a traditional dosa, but made with olive oil and covered in gold foil. This is the costliest dosa in all the land at ₹1,011, but something you should definitely try at least once.

Qube, Leela Palace Hotel, Delhi – ₹9,999 for a 13inch pizza

qube pizza
Aptly called ‘High Life’, this wood-fired pizza is topped with lobsters picked from Canada, thyme-scented mascarpone and an ounce of the best Iranian Beluga caviar. Pair it up with their Grey Goose Vodka chaser to further enhance the flavor of the lobster. This pizza’s cost is only a fraction, compared to the most expensive pizza in the world which stands at $2,400.

Anarkali, Hydrebad – ₹6,000 for a portion of butter chicken

anarkali chicken
Would you pay ₹6,000 for some great butter chicken? The Anarkali butter chicken is one of a kind and is considered the classiest butter chicken of all time. It took the team eight years to perfect the recipe that is loved by so many people. You can order it online and they accept orders from people who live in places where the dish can be delivered within 24 hours.

Wasabi at Taj, Delhi – ₹20,000 for the Chef’s tasting menu

wasabi taj
Wasabi offers the best of Japanese cuisine. Their chef’s tasting menu (Omakase) consists of a nine course meal, including Kobe steak and oysters. This is the kind of grand cuisine and food luxury that you would want to indulge in.

La Cirque, Leela Palace Hotel, Delhi – ₹8,000 for a steak

la cirque
This delicious T-bone steak weighs at around 900-1000gm. The meal is a combination of the most flavorful cuts, the sirloin and the tenderloin. Cooked at rare or medium brings out the meat’s flavor, making it so juicy and tender that it will push you into meat paradise, making you forget you paid ₹8,000 for it.

Casablanca, Taj – ₹20,000 for a meal for two

casablanca taj
It is a private dining room for patrons of the Souk restaurant. This romantic space is located inside the kitchen and is decked up in Mediterranean artifacts and heart-shaped cushions and candles. The table for two dining experience is one of a kind, over-looking the Gateway of India. But, there’s a catch – entry is by chef’s invitation only.

Money can’t buy everything; nonetheless it can definitely buy a lot.

So, what on this list would you like to try?

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