Chapati Kurma

Delicious Kurma in under 10 minutes!

If you have moved out of your family home and currently live alone or share a place with your friends, the most troublesome constraint for you would be cooking on your own. Let’s be honest, not all of us are expert cooks before we move out to live on our own. Initially, cooking doesn’t seem like a problem because you order in most of the time. A few months down the road, the hole that takeout food makes in your wallet is alarming, and it pushed you to cook at home in order to save money. When cooking, we prefer the simple, easy to cook recipes which do not take up a lot of time. This delicious kurma recipe will only take you ten minutes to cook.


Ingredients for the Kurma

Set 1

  • Depending on the kurma you want to make, choose your main ingredient: 2 potatoes, 2cups of soya chunks, 2 cups of paneer, 1.5cups of mixed vegetables, 1cup of chickpeas or if you like non-vegetarian food, you can use 6 hardboiled eggs instead
  • 1tsp of red chilli powder
  • 2tsp of coriander powder
  • 1/4tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/2tsp garam masala powder
  • 2tbsp of oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Cilantro for garnishing

Set 2

  • 1/2cup of onions
  • 1tsp of ginger garlic paste
  • 2 tomatoes

Set 3

  • 1/2cup of grated coconut
  • 1tsp of fennel seeds
  • 1tsp of poppy seeds (kus kus)
  • 5 cashew nuts (optional)

Preparation Method

  1. It’s important to prepare the vegetables/eggs you want to cook beforehand.
    1. Any kind of vegetables – Boil them in water with some salt
    2. Soya chunks – Soak them in salt water for 15 minutes
    3. Chickpeas – Soak it overnight and pressure cook it for at 2 whistles
    4. Paneer – You can either fry them a little or add them to the kurma as they are
    5. Eggs – Hard boil them
  2. Grind all the ingredients under set 2 and set aside.
  3. Grind all the ingredients under set 3 and set aside as well.

Cooking Method

  1. Take a deep pan or kadai and heat the oil.
  2. Once the oil is hot, carefully add the ground paste of set 2.
  3. Sauté it for 2 minutes on a medium high flame.
  4. Then add all the dry spice powders to the pan.
  5. Add your choice of vegetables and mix them together. (For eggs, add them at the end, so that they stay on the flame only for a minute or two.)
  6. Now, add the ground paste of set 3, 2cups of water and salt to taste.
  7. Boil the kurma for 7-10 minutes until everything is cooked and the oil separates.
  8. Garnish it with cilantro.
  9. Take it off the flame and tasty kurma is ready to be served.


You can serve the kurma with any pulao, chapatti, dosa or even with rice. It’s a simple yet delicious recipe that even a cooking rookie can prepare well. Start cooking and save both time and money.

Happy Cooking!

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