Cheesy Juicy Burgers – A name, most descriptive!

When we want burgers, we think McDonalds. The tasty patty covered with veggies, held together by soft sesame buns… Yummy!!! But these delicious burger appear tiny when compared to the burgers conjured up at Cheesy Juicy Burgers, Perungudi. These mammoth burgers are so big that you might not be able to finish it in one sitting.

The burgers at Cheesy Juicy Burgers, Perungudi, definitely uphold what the name of the restaurant stands for – Cheesy Juicy Goodnesssss!!! Each is guaranteed to fill your mouth and run down your chin. The burgers here are famous enough to not need an introduction, but here are five killer burgers that you definitely need to try when you visit Cheesy Juicy Burgers.

Ban IT

Although the name suggests it, banning this particular burger is an unimaginable task for any burger lover. This burger comprises of deep fried chicken patty and fried egg stuffed with cheese. One bite of it can send you into a food coma, from where you would not want to return.


Ban It

Italiano Grill

Italy is known for their sauces and the vibrant flavors they add in their food. This burger brings that special flavor to you right here. This tasty burger contains minced chicken patties marinated in special sauces and spices that bring Italy to your plate. One bite of this burger will take you on a vacation across Europe.


Italiano Grill Burger

Chicken Islander

An island is a body of land that stands separate and surrounded by water. This minced chicken burger along with fried egg stuffed with shredded chicken and special sauce is also like an island. The taste of the chicken stands out with every bite, even when surrounded by so much cheese.


Chicken Islander

Creamy Jalapeno

The spicy lovers can relate to this – even after you finish a dish, you can still feel the sting of the chilli on your tongue, making your eyes and nose water. The best feeling after a meal, I have to say. This burger is filled with minced chicken along with fried egg stuffed with shredded chicken and special chilli garlic seasoning for the chilli lover in you.


Creamy Jalapeno

Creamy 1000

A burger is not just for the meat lovers, CJB also has many special burger for the veggie lovers, but this burger is a must have for all. Deliciously marinated veggie patty filled with cheesy goodness with more vegetables to balance the cheese, this burger will make your mouth water even as you are looking at the menu.


Creamy 1000

I don’t know how much effect this blog had on you, but I’m sitting here, growing hungrier for Cheesy Juicy Burgers every second. I am going to go ahead and order some. You should too. Download SmartD @ and start ordering now! You know you want to πŸ˜‰

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