Are you a Chai addict? Here are 10 signs to prove it!

While many people tend to favour coffee as their beverage of choice, tea is the second most popular drink in the world, preceded only by water. The awesomeness of tea is backed by its benefits. Multiple scientific researches show that varieties of tea offer many health benefits for the mind and body. For some people, drinking tea is a habit they can’t shake. For you, it’s an addiction. Don’t agree with me? Here are ten signs that prove you have a chai addict.

  1. No morning without tea

When day breaks, you NEED to start it with tea. If you skip your morning tea, you are cranky and your withdrawal starts around noon and it is not a pretty sight.


  1. Tea over anything else

You always order tea irrespective of any other drink you may be offered. You would not pick a different drink even to give your taste buds a rest.


  1. Any tea, any time

You can have tea any time of day. It doesn’t matter if you just ate and are stuffed as a thanksgiving turkey, you will still order tea, because there’s place for a little tea.


  1. Nothing matters as long as you have tea

You are with a group of people but are not interested in the topic or what others are saying. You have your tea and that’s all that matters to you.


  1. Chai even in a bar

When you want chai, you won’t hesitate to order it even if you are in a bar, leaving everybody surprised with your chai fetish.


  1. Chai in flavors

Green tea, chamomile tea, south Indian tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, mint tea, cardamom tea… you’ve had them all, but you declare only one as your favourite.


  1. Being a tea connoisseur

You don’t just drink a cup of tea, you critique it. You think that you know the perfect mix of ingredients to make that awesome cup of tea and you sure can make a delicious cup.


  1. Never say no to tea

Even if you had tea five minutes ago, when someone offers you tea, you are grateful and you never refuse a delicious cup of tea. It’s against your code to refuse tea.


  1. Chai break tho bantha hai

No need of energy drinks, a warm cup of tea is enough to energize you throughout the day. Well, until the next break time at least, because a single tea is not enough.


  1. Rain hai tho Chai hai

If there is rain, there has to be tea. Nothing feels better than being wrapped up in a blanket with a good book and a nice, hot cup of tea.


After nodding along with all the symptoms, you can’t say that you are not a tea addict.

Don’t fight it, just enjoy your tea.

Shalini Prasad

She has been a content specialist for more than four years. She is a passionate reader and loves to read about Science, Philosophy, History and Psychology. She also enjoys sci-fi books and general fiction.

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