Best Street Food Joints in Chennai

Most of us who belong to this generation’s youth are foodies. We are such extreme foodies that we will travel 30 kms just to try a single biryani, because somebody said it blew their mind. We are such extreme foodies that we plan trips along the food joints located in and around the destination. We are such extreme foodies that if we are travelling from one city to another by car, the auspicious time for us to leave the house is chosen according to the meal timings of a famous restaurant located on the highway because we want to make it exactly on time for lunch or dinner. I think it’s sufficed to say that we are pretty extreme foodies. A true foodie loves the posh meals, but his heart belongs to street food.

Here are the best street food joints in Chennai for the true foodie in you.

Karishma Pani Puri Shop


Any street food lover should try this shop for their chat items. Their plate of pani puri is so delicious, that it is nothing short of magic. You can never stop with just a single plate. It is located on Nungambakkam high road, near Rangoli Sarees.

Royal Sandwich Shop


Although you can make a sandwich at home, the variety of sandwiches offered at Royal Sandwich Shop will make you leave the house for a single bite. From chilli cheese sandwich to ice cream sandwich, you can get any number of flavours that just melt in your mouth. It’s located on 160, TTK Road, Alwarpet.

Ajnabhi Mithaai Ghar


This place is no stranger to those who have lived in Chennai for quite a while. The chat items have the power to teleport you to a different city all together. Their fafda and khandvi are the best choices of food if you want to try some authentic Gujarati sweets and savories. The best branch is located in Fountain Plaza, Egmore.

Alsa Mall


Probably the best bread omelette you will find in Chennai. The dish is so full of flavour and just one bread omelette can be very filling. It must be a crime to have such delicious food at such little price. You can get it at the stalls outside Alsa Mall, Egmore. The murukku sandwich found in the mall’s entrance is also a must try.

Kakada Ramprasad


Sweet lovers should definitely give this place a try. Their jalebi, rasmalai and badam milk can be added to the must try before you die list. For a place famous for sweets, their chats are also a show’s topper, especially the dahi kachori and samosa chaat. This lip-smacking eatery is located at 348, Mint Street, 1st Floor, Sowcarpet.



For people from Mumbai and Pune, this place is a piece of home. Run by a gujju, this place has yummy vada pav, fafda and other snacks. Although the classic vada pav is deemed the best, the samosa pav and cheese mayo pav are equally loved by customers. Located in Raja Annamalai Road, Purasaiwakkam, it is the perfect pocket friendly place for your hunger pangs.

Burma Bazaar


Without a doubt, it is the best and authentic Burmese Cuisine in all of Chennai. The athoos served here a different taste of noodles all together. It is definitely the place to go if you’re trying Burmese food for the first time. It is located behind Indian Bank, Parrys Corner at Burma Bazaar, positioned opposite the Beach Station.

Novelty Tea House


After your shopping spree in Sowcarpet, Novelty is the best place to drop down and relax. Their pav bhaaji is coated with butter and that is perhaps the secret to its exquisite taste. Their dosas are a crowd favourite and their other chat items are Mumbai on a plate. Almost anybody can point you to the delicious joint located on Mint Street, Sowcarpet.

Kaalan Kadai


When you’re hungry for a snack, not the usual snack items like samosa or bhel, but something more succulent, Kaalan Kadai is your destination. The mushrooms are cooked on a low flame with an unique spicy gravy and served with onions and lime for just Rs.15. This pocket-friendly outlet is located in Pari Salai, Mogappair East.



Links is famous for its corn canapés and muruk sandwich. They have a variety of chat items, some of which you can’t find in other places. Any chat lover will love this place, but the place is very crowded most of the time and Sundays are a nightmare, which kind of speaks for the taste. It is established on Raja Annamalai Road, Purasaiwakkam.

If you are getting a craving for street food, visit any one of these places to quench your hunger. You can start with your favourite this weekend.

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