Best Beef and Pork Dishes in Chennai

Beef and pork is constantly enjoyed by most of the people who prefer non-vegetarian food. To find the best beef and pork dishes in Chennai and when you crave beef pepper fry or chilli pork, the name that comes to mind is Gerry’s Kitchen. It was once a simple fast food joint, and now has expanded to give you the complete dining experience.


Beef Pepper Fry

Gerald V Valan is a marketing professional who used to supply sausages, ham and bacon to restaurants and hotels in Chennai about 15 years ago. He is now the owner of the city’s first pork and beef specialty restaurant. While his piggery at Thiruporur is expected to be the one supplying to his restaurant in a few months, Gerry currently sources Yorkshire pork from local suppliers, who provide impeccable quality of meat.


Beef Biryani

Once you go through the menu, you’ll find the two meats, in popular local and Chinese variants. From Beef Sheek Kabab to Goan Pork Vindaloo, you can find the largest variety of beef and pork dishes you will find in all of Chennai. All of the dishes present in the Kitchen are loved and appreciated by the customers. But, the dishes most raved about from the crowd is the delicious beef biryani and pork fried rice offered by Gerry. The meat is always cooked to perfection and the fat that melts away from the meat is let to soak into the rice, adding a little greasy flavor to it. With a good meat to fat ratio, the pork is as soft as it gets. Options of dine-in, pick-up and home delivery is available. Now, the only thing we need is for them to deliver all over Chennai.

The next time you crave for beef or pork, just visit Gerry’s Kitchen for the best you’ll ever have!

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