Lucky Food For New Year

8 Foods to bring you Good Luck this New Year!

For every New Year, all of us want loads and loads of health, wealth and lots of good luck. Many countries have their own beliefs when it comes to bringing good luck into their lives. And food plays a major role in it. Here are 7 foods that are bound you bring you luck this New Year!



Greens should definitely make sense as they resemble paper money. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity and people eat greens to bring themselves good luck to make the year more prosperous.



There is a Mexican tradition where the people eat a grape for every stroke of midnight. Each stroke represents a month in the coming New Year. If a grape is bitter, you should watch out for that month. Other popular fruits to eat are pomegranates, which represent prosperity and figs, which represent fertility.

Noodles and grains


In Japan, soba noodles symbolize long life. They are believed to be lucky and bring good health for a person throughout the year; but, only when you eat them without breaking or chewing. You might need to perfect your slurping techniques. Grains like rice, quinoa and barley stand for abundance.

Ring shaped food


Ring shaped food like doughnuts and round cake symbolize coming full circle with the previous year. Have some cake for breakfast (we all want to anyway) and say goodbye to last year with no regrets.



Pork is said to be the luckiest of all foods as pigs are rotund, representing prosperity and not weight gain. They also “root forward” with their nose, which is supposed to symbolize progress. There is no particular dish that is used and you can cook the meat any way you want it.



Fish are considered lucky in three different ways. Their scales represent coins, they swim in schools symbolizing abundance and they swim forward indicating progress. Not to mention that they fit well with any diet resolutions you may have taken in the New Year.



Beans also symbolize coins and are considered an auspicious dish for the New Year. They are also very effective when it comes to soaking up the alcohol you drank the night before.

So, welcome this New Year with luck and prosperity. Even if these foods are not really lucky, at least you’ll get a good meal out of it. Good Food is basically the same as happiness.

Have a rocking New Year!

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