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Automated targeted promotions lead to a 43% improvement in Restaurant sales via SmartD


Cheesy Juicy Burgers is strategically located at Perungudi, a place where you can find a lot of IT Parks in the vicinity. As the name suggests, the outlet specializes in creamy and juicy burgers and can be categorized as a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant).


Due to the presence of IT parks, a lot of restaurants have opened up in the vicinity and the competition to pull in the crowd is intense. Many restaurant owners go with the traditional advertising means of marketing but the return on investment is negative as people have become tired of the monotonous means of using pamphlets and posters for advertising, and don’t respond well to them.

Cheesy juicy burgers also tried out the traditional means of advertising by printing pamphlets and distributing them in and around the IT Parks, but the return on investment was not even close to what was expected.



“Earlier, we used to go with pamphlets for marketing. It consumed a lot of time and effort but the ROI was negative. It wasn’t until we used SmartD that we got to know about the power of targeted promotions.

With SmartD, we can collect the phone numbers of customers when they dine-in and through it, I can send targeted promotions via SMS and Push notifications, which have led to increases in sales by over 40%.”

                            Mr. Arun
         (MD, Calydon Foods Pvt Ltd) 


How SmartD helped

With the increasing competition, it is very important to frequently communicate with the customer without spamming them. Arun knew that if they stay on top of the customers’ mind, his restaurant would be the most preferred one whenever they decide to dine out.

With SmartD restaurant management system, Cheesy Juicy Burgers had the option of collecting the phone numbers of customers against every bill. This way, it was easy for them to identify who their top customers were and send appropriate offers to them.

For instance, they could identify customers who had visited the restaurant more than 5 times in a month with an average order greater than ₹500. So, they collected a database of close to 900 numbers and started promoting via SMS and push notifications. They saw an improvement of 10% in overall sales in February and 43% improvement in March.

The SMS cost is just marginal when compared to other forms of marketing. The push notifications also add the visual touch required to incite an action from customers.

       Sample SMS                                                                       Sample Push notification


The Push notification will only go to the customers who have downloaded SmartD app and have placed an order in Cheesy Juicy Burgers before.


He is an IIT alumnus, a passionate marketer and a coffee addict. He also has multiple years of experience as a food joint owner. When he is not working, he likes to relax on the beach to clear his head.

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